Tuesday 3 May 2011
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The Big Pony Collection: The Seductive Fragrance:


With a sexy deep-red bottle sporting a bright yellow Polo Player icon and a bold green number 2 on the opposite side, the second installment of Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Collection is The Seductive Fragrance. It's an alluring mix that hooks up a dark chocolate'y aroma with hints of musk -- two scents that perfumer Antoine Lie from Givaudan chose perhaps with a nod to their reputations as aphrodisiacs?

I chose a couple street-style photos that I thought captured this mood of seduction -- men with the confidence to rock their own personal style, a mysterious lady in red, and an alluring over-the-shoulder glance with a just-revealing-enough criss-cross top.


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Sun, 12/19/2010

sorry you guys, what's the guy with the tatto on the left side name?! i really love his style!

Fri, 11/19/2010



Thu, 11/18/2010

Wowza. I like the guy with his legs out ;) xxx

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