Double Baggin' It:

See by Chloe + Tory Burch

Prada + Louis Vuitton

Not only for the ladies.

Hermes + Chanel

? + Lanvin

What do you think?

Wed, 10/19/2011

Yes, carrying two bags around seems quite justifiable - if you are going shopping where you can just dump your purchases into the bag that you’ve brought along instead of carrying all the ones that the shops give you!! In the other one you can carry your purse and other personal stuff!! I am sure that this trend is something that is fast catching up and for good reason too!! I am a freak when it comes to bags and some of the ones here are truly trendy and cool!! I have heard that many models do get a facelift done, when they get older, has anyone heard of lifestyle lift ? I am planning to take my wife there for a facelift

margie aponte
Sun, 02/13/2011

I love all of the handbags . It shows a wide array of designers,stlye and colors.

Fri, 02/11/2011
Fri, 02/11/2011

that's how it used to be :)


Thu, 02/10/2011

These bags are beautiful, but unless you are on your way to the airport or a sleepover, there is no excuse for carrying two bags at once. Its tacky.

Wed, 02/09/2011

Don't dislike at alllll, especially Susie's combo and that last pic there, although I bet everyone does it (starting from handbag+carryon...), we're just realising now :P

Wed, 02/09/2011

Love this pics!

Hermes+Chanel. <3

Wed, 02/09/2011

I carry and handbag and tote every day to the office.

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