Street Peeper x Helmut Lang:

Here we are on a sunny day right by the store. Susie's wearing a blue jacket over a black industrial print HELMUT LANG drapey top over another black print tank top, with a Helmut denim skirt with a black jersey side. FERRAGAMO shoes too.


This one took awhile to get right since the wind was blowing so hard, and I bet to the people on the Pastis patio we totally looked like typical Asian tourists, but whatevs. Here's a drape'y light grey HELMUT LANG jacket over a twisted body-con Helmut dress, and Susie's stripe'y floppy hat.


We tried to fit in as many street-style photo cliches as possible (graffiti wall, bicycle, cobblestone street) with this one. Susie is in some menswear inspired HELMUT LANG -- the high-waisted trousers and the oversized blazer over a psychadelic print HOUSE OF HOLLAND t-shirt, accessorized with a chunky bracelet.


A bit cloudier, here's Susie with a black sheer-sleeved jacket over a HELMUT LANG graphic lace top over a HELMUT LANG red cowl-neck top. Kinda vamp'y bordello'y. Nice legs, Susie.


Anyways, we had fun. Thanks Helmut Lang!

Helmut Lang NYC
819 Washington Street
New York, NY 10014-1405
(212) 242-3240



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