Jeremiah, Melbourne
Jeremiah, Melbourne    
Black POUR Shirt
Black Textured Scarf
Black HEM & HAW Jeans
Black Shoes
Black Sunglasses
Photo By:
Hayley Hughes
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Sat, 04/25/2009

I have seen this guy around in melbourne more than a number of times, if that's the same person, he has got good style more often than not.
like the shirt with that bit of details on the shoulder. This outfit is simple and not too much like the other fancy things going on.

Fri, 04/24/2009

yoko ono 2#. just lose the towel.

Wed, 04/15/2009

yeah just notice the feller is very shrot.. the style looks great someone tall. But these shoes i really dont like with these jeans.. it dosnt match perfect. Dunno. gues im seen it different view. But not bad dressed just not my apetite cupper tea if you know what i mean sorta to speak. I like the scaf though or the towl around him if you see it that way. very 60's looks though but tiny men :L)

Wed, 04/15/2009

The outfit itself is fine, i like it. I think it might be more well suited for someone with a different build and taller. But then again, if it makes him happy - its still good.

Tue, 04/14/2009

yeah he does look like the early 60's looks hehe.. No where near todays but still.. i like it but that makes you a tiny vietnamies feller. I love his jeans follow bye the scafs.. A big NO NO to these ugly shoes with these pants :) defently no match sorry.

Sun, 04/12/2009

living in the 60's? .. in my opinion,that guy's like 60's rock style.beatle boots and skinny jeans and letro style sunglarss ..
but , his look is so simple.. T_T

Thu, 04/09/2009

looks good but the skinny leg jeans and shoes do not match at all.. the top clothing is perfect but this makes u look like your living in the 60's

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