Leaf, Chelsea Piers
Leaf, Chelsea Piers    
Stripey PRADA Menswear Sweater
Big Grey Furry Hat
Union Jack FENDI BAg
Cow Print ROGER VIVIER Boots
Photo By:
Phil Oh
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Mon, 04/25/2011

What an amazing outfit, it wouldnt have the same effect without the boots. They create the perfect amount of clash to give it a WOW affect. Dont like fur because of the animals that suffer for it.

Sun, 02/20/2011

I love love love the Prada sweater, but agree with the commenters above that the outfit might have looked more pulled together had she worn plain black knee-high tights instead of cow-print ones.

Thu, 02/17/2011

I agree! Desperate to get noticed. Ala Lady Gag-a. Tired of her antics!

Thu, 02/17/2011
Wed, 02/16/2011

I like it. She's someone I would definitely want to meet.

Emily and Abigail
Wed, 02/16/2011

lust lust lusting this look! The hat is so fun :)


Wed, 02/16/2011

those boots, that sweater...wow!


Wed, 02/16/2011

theres only one word for this outfit and that is crazy. im not sure if im a fan though to be honest i think the look is a bit of an overkill and has wayy to many things going on, i agree also its more like an attempt to get noticed


Wed, 02/16/2011

If bold is what you seek, then come up to East/West Harlem. I see girls dressed in thigh high animal print boots, colorful prints etc... yet they don't get photographed for a street fashion blog. I agree with Nouvelle Vagabond. It's bold, but not effortless and stylish. More like too much effort to get noticed.

Wed, 02/16/2011

all the unique patterns are well organized!

Tue, 02/15/2011

she is actually fantastic. bold and different. we all start to look the same and it concerns me. when i see people who are bold my heart explodes. BRAVO, absolutely stunning and most importantly interesting


Tue, 02/15/2011

"When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on", CC was right. Those boots gotta go. It's overkill where not even Susie Bubble can pull this off. I'm not loving her Ushanka, blue varnish and jewelry either with this outfit(too busy) but everything else is fine.

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