Paris Street Style, March 2011
Paris Street Style, March 2011    
Black Leather Jacket over Black Dress
Sheer Black Skirt
Black Shoes
Animal Stole
Photo By:
Phil Oh
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Paris Street Style, March 2011


Sun, 09/11/2011

Agreed, boring, mundane, and not very french.

Sun, 07/31/2011

wow she looks GORGEOUS!
(though I just can't accept the poor dead animal on her shoulders ... )

Sun, 07/17/2011

boring as usual ...

Love the see-through part - loving that a lot of maxis today look like that! She's cool - don't love the animal scarf though.

Milana from

Tue, 07/12/2011

I would like to see her skin around somebody`s neck and then hear thoughts about that. Fashion is not about murder.

Mon, 07/11/2011

This is a very cool outfit. I used to have a stole like that, it would really freak people out.

Mon, 07/11/2011

when i was a young girl, my grandmother had a similar stole, and it simultaneous seduced and repulsed me. now, i am supremely jealous of this look, though over here in the big apple it is a tad warm for fur at the moment.

Mon, 07/11/2011

woooow that scarf is amazing and freaky

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