Red Checked Carrot Pants
Red Checked Carrot Pants    
Black Jacket over Red Tank Top
Red and Black Checked Carrot Pants
Black Heels
Photo By:
Phil Oh
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Red Checked Carrot Pants


Sun, 06/26/2011

I really love this outfit! The boldness and simplicity of it. It is obvious this person wants to highlight the exciting nature of the print in the pants and feature them in the outfit. The way the pants correlate with the angles in the leather jacket shows the individual paid meticulous attention to how this was all set up! I absolutely love how she poses with her patent leather flats (which add oh so much texture!). She is standing up on her toes to give height to her lovely pants. Her smile says alot about her. She is absolutely stunning, daring, yet cautious in what she wears. Amazing. Amazing.

Sat, 06/04/2011


Wed, 06/01/2011

WOAH....pull those things down or belt them or something! MEGS UNFLATTERING! See this is where fashion annoys me. Classic fashion victim. Choosing a piece for fashion's sake ahead of something that actually fits well and looks GOOD. These would look way better worn on her hips harem style.

Mon, 05/30/2011

funky pants!
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Sun, 05/29/2011

love those trousers!! there gorgeous!

Sat, 05/28/2011

I love the pants too

Thu, 05/26/2011

Amazing look! Love her pants!

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