Thomas, Melbourne
Thomas, Melbourne    
Blue HEM & HAW Jeans
VINTAGE Blue, Red, White Checked Shirt
Photo By:
Oliver Ellmers
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Sat, 05/08/2010

he is a model right?
because I am sure he is the type that would looks good even in a potato sack

Thu, 10/15/2009

He looks a bit like the guy in Empire Records who tried to steal the Whitney Houston CD.

Meh, you know... sometimes the "I'm not trying" look just looks like you're not trying. Not bad, but not overly interesting or anything.

I mean, it's not his fault. He probably never intended to get his photo taken, so we shouldn't be too critical. I think if you don't like the look then it's the photographer's fault for not being in the right place at the right time, and then just saying "Whatever". I really think there should be more of a curatorial approval on this website. I mean, am I gonna see my Mum on hear one day wearing a sweathog tracksuit and ugg boots?

Wed, 07/29/2009

ohhh wowee...
what a gorgeous boy and look!

Sat, 06/13/2009

Would be wrong without the beer bottle...

Tue, 06/09/2009

i heart his style!

Tue, 06/02/2009

LOVE it.. love the hair, the shoes, the jeans and the shirt

Wed, 05/13/2009

haha oh thomas

Mon, 04/13/2009

Me too it ry look like him but dosnt work for me because i have a wider tummy and beared But im a model...... And i love his looks. It seems that young 18+ guys looks more stylish with these cloths just like a manican.

Mon, 04/13/2009

i like this. both him and his clothes....i love the jeans and boots look, im tempted to try it myself, but im afraid it wont look as good on a girl....

Mon, 04/13/2009

Alittle dodgy looking like very sleazy dirty looks And yes it seems to be in a very bd location from what i cvan tell from the picture. But the shirt is beautiful on him but surely not the way he sets his shirt like that.. I love the punk boots. beautiful and its rare to see guys wearing these boots now day but it sure was popular int he 90's The hair style is shocking where did this guy came from? hehe But not too bad style i might say :)

Sat, 04/11/2009

interesting looks like he just came out of the woods and got drunk the way he looks but the shirt and jeans and all is beautiful. i liekt he hair but his hair is a shocking mess and that drinking looks real bad on him and in a bad location from all i can tell.. But i like the looks it does suite me bautiful and perctly after all he looks young like 18 :)

Fri, 04/10/2009

i l o v e y o u

Fri, 04/10/2009

I love it everything apart from the ugly 80's punk shoes. And is that your drinking beer ? you norty guy u :).

I love the jeans But i think they are just kinder different type skinny leg jeans.. I love the button shirt with the jeans and because u have nice long hair does suite you well.

Fri, 04/10/2009

He needs a bath and a haircut.

Fri, 11/14/2008

rock star

Sat, 11/15/2008

he looks like brad pitt a bit.

Mon, 11/17/2008

undo a few more buttons...

Sun, 11/16/2008

marry me

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