Street Style Recap: Friday, January 15th 2009:

Supermodel Sessilee Lopez in London in a black RICK OWENS leather jacket with rolled-up YSL pants with black YSL tributes with a bag from MARC JACOBS.

Then Susie Bubble in NYC with a stripey top under a FANNIE SCHIAVONI chain thing, a stripey Y-3 hat, black ACNE booties, and a black clutch from JAS MB. Julia Ragolia on a windy day in NYC, and then a trio of photos from Paris but I can't find the page on my notepad where I wrote down what they're wearing. Sorry.

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Street Style Recap: Wednesday, January 13th 2010:

Another favorite from Tokyo -- I like the SOE jacket over the SOE cursive-print shirt. I hadn't heard of the brand before. I looked it up on the Superfuture Tokyo maps, but didn't get a chance to make it to the Daikanyama flagship store before I had to leave. Oh well, next time. Though I definitely hit up MERCIBEAUCOUP, where Yano got his baggy pants, and the YOHJI YAMAMOTO archive shop at Parco, where he got his boots. I like the cute/whimsical red-man print MINT DESIGNS backpack.

Next is a girl in Miami at the Nike Art Show in the mirror-studded CHRISTOPHER KANE for TOPSHOP top, then a woman at NY Fashion Week in a blue dress, VICTOR GLEMAUD in Paris wearing his own designs with white LEVI'S, and Bae Hwee Sue in Seoul with a great grey VINTAGE sweater with heels from 10 CORSO COMO.

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Street Style Recap: Tuesday, January 12th 2010:

Here's another great one from London Fashion Week -- a woman leaving the BFC Tents with a great "space print" ACNE bodysuit with a black skirt, black bag, and shiny metallic silver heels.

Then Katie Shillingford from Dazed & Cofused with her awesome hair color, black leather jacket and studded PRADA pouch, Liam in NYC with a floral ENGINEERED GARMENTS jacket, Karla Martinez in Paris with a wrinkled leather jacket and studded ALAIA boots, then Chang Young Kim in Seoul with APRIL77 jeans, and Copenhagen Claire with a WOOD WOOD sweater dress, NEW BALANCE sneakers, and an orange S.N.S. sweater as a scarf.

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Street Style Recap: Friday, January 8th 2010:

I love this photo -- I took it around NY Fashion Week a couple months ago when the weather was a bit warmer. Love the furry vest and the purple maxi dress, and love her lipstick. I wonder what she's looking at?

Next is a dude in Tokyo wearing some crazy get-up of mixed patterns and textures with a bead necklace and a bracelet made of zippers. Then another woman with a slightly worried look, in grey fashion sweatpants and nude fringe CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN heels, then Seoul's Kim Nuri in a stripey COMME DES GARCONS PLAY t-shirt and white REPETTO flats, then a woman in Chicago in a ZARA horse-print top that actually looks a lot like a jacket I got from SWASH... I'll try to get a photo of it when I get home...

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Street Style Recap: Thursday, January 7th 2010:

Fan-favorite, Susie Bubble in London in a whole lot of purple -- a purple LUELLA vest over a sheer ALL OF THE ABOVE top over MICHAEL ANGEL leggings with purple pom-pom headpiece from Etsy-favorite YOKOO, with purple F-TROUPE flats, and a tote bag from LOUISE GRAY.

Then an adorable blonde Dane in Copenhagen with a black H&M cape and brown SCHOTT boots, then a guy in NYC with a trench coat, stripey top and wide-legged pants, a woman in Paris with a bit of RICK OWENS draping, Ji-Woo Choi in Seoul with a khaki jacket and a harness bondage'y top he made himself, and Daniel from TsUM Russia with a lot of black layers, including a BALMAIN vest over a PRADA cardigan and black fringe BOTTEGA VENETA shoes.

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Street Style Recap: Tuesday, January 5th 2010:

I first met Liliana a few years ago when she was doing sales for MARJAN PEJOSKI (you know... the Bjork swan-dress guy). Ran into her in London and here she is with a super severe haircut, VINTAGE red and black cardigan with ELEY KISHIMOTO leggings, a black LUTZ dress, and white MARTIN MARGIELA boots.

Next is a woman in NYC with a worried look and ripped tights, Fuji Disco in Tokyo with a VINTAGE black and gold tracksuit top over an AMERICAN APPAREL tank top, black CHEAP MONDAY jeans, and a VINTI ANDREWS bag made of jean pockets. Next is Park Sun Young with a POLO RALPH LAUREN shirt rucked into a green skirt, then a dude in Miami with a jacket he made himself over a LACOSTE shirt and ONITSUKA TIGER sneakers.

Street Style Recap: Monday, January 4th 2010:

I saw this girl hanging about during Paris Fashion Week -- here she is in a VINTAGE denim jumpsuit with a black mesh AMERICAN APPAREL top and a little pouch bag.

Next is a dude in Seoul with an awesome MERCIBEAUCOUP houndstooth'ish skirt thingy with a grey MARJAN PEJOSKI leather jacket, black VANDALIST pants, and RICK OWENS high-tops, then a Japanese guy in NYC looking great in all black -- love his hair too, then Jai-Phoenix with a blazer from SELF, pants from TOPMAN, metallic silver SWEAR shoes, and MARC BY MRC JACOBS sunglasses, Johannes in Copenhagen with a blue WOOD WOOD cardigan and rolled-up ACNE jeans over purple socks and CONVERSE shoes.

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Street Style Recap: Friday, January 1st 2010:

This is Takuyaki in Tokyo matching a maroon ADIDAS track jacket with a maroon COMME DES GARCONS skirt, over what I think are the matching maroon ADIDAS tracksuit pants. Oh, and some black Y-3 sneakers.

Then Lisa and Constance from NYC in Miami for Art Basel -- I love Lisa's floppy hat and netting skirt! Then the last of the threesome in NYC wearing the wiremesh sunglasses, then Won in Paris in a polka-dot'ish URBAN OUTFITTERS jacket with black AMERICAN APPAREL leggings, and a black BULGARI bag, then Rory in London in a nice black suit over a shredded t-shirt, and Lee Ho Yoon in Seoul with mostly VINTAGE and RED WING boots.

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Street Style Recap: Wednesday, December 30th 2009:

Here's the third and final guy I caught during NY Fashion Week wearing the black wire mesh sunglasses. Love the retro looking leather jacket and the black drop crotch pants.

Then a girl in Copenhagen in a cute pastel furry MOON SPOON SALOON coat over a satin blue jumpsuit, a woman in Paris with a black lace-up coat and carrying a LOUIS VUITTON bag, ByungSun Choi in Seoul with a black ANN DEMEULEMEESTER coat over an extra-long white VANDALIST shirt with cropped stone-washed jeans and pink UNBILICAL shoes. Then Francois and Paul in Miami, and a girl shopping in Chicago with an ACNE leather jacket with black CHEAP MONDAY jeans and ALEXANDER WANG shoes.

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Street Style Recap: Monday, December 28th, 2009:

I love this guy! I mean, maybe its all a bit much, but still... He's got a VINTAGE green plaid jacket with stripey lining over a brown and white polka dot COMME DES GARCONS shirt, cheetah print hat, and a giant feather!

Next is Yuki Shiina who said he found his amazing BALENCIAGA jacket at used book store in Tokyo that also had piles of charity clothing... For 500 Yen! Which is about five bucks. He's also wearing baggy black YOHJI YAMAMOTO baggy pants with a JEAN PAUL GAULTIER bag, Capucine in Paris with a YSL jacket and shoes, Jin Ye Chan with beige coat with COSMIC WONDER LIGHT SOURCE pants and RED WING boots, Abby Merrick with a FRENCH CONNECTION color block dress.

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