Street Style Recap: Tuesday, June 9th 2009:

Jean-Paul Paula from Mykro Mag in his signature MARTIN MARGIELA sunglasses -- which I borrowed for a minute to see how I looked in them. Not good... JP, however, always looks fabulous, here with a black jacket over a striped t-shirt, grey checked hammer pants, and black heels, and a black belt that matches the sunglasses.

In Sydney, we have television presenter Renee Bargh in a tie-dyed'ish print ILLIONAIRE dress and black PARKER ROCHE heels, Yoshi in NYC wearing mostly his own designs with a pair of black GUIDI boots, Dorian in San Francisco in a vintage PIERRE CARDIN suit with a hat from OPTIMO, and Takuma in Tokyo with a black cape thing and tie-dyed CONVERSE shoes.

Street Style Recap: Friday, June 5th 2009:


I caught this girl on Mercer Street -- I'd seen her around a few times, but finally got a chance to photograph her. Uh, but I can't read what I wrote for her name, oops. But she's wearing a black JULIUS leather jacket over a grey BERNHARD WILLHELM dress and metallic silver flats.

Miroslava Duma from Russian Harper's Bazaar is in NYC with a blue jacket that a commenter says is ALEXANDER WANG with an Obama button, denim short shorts, studded boots, and a metallic silver CHANEL 2.55 bag. Leigh Lezark is in Paris with a KARL LAGERFELD coat, Kyung Sun is in Seoul in black APRIL77 jeans and CONVERSE shoes, and there's a dude in London wearing pleather. Finally, there's a couple from Melbourne wearing ESS LABORATORY (their own designs) along with COMME DES GARCONS shoes.

Street Style Recap: Thursday, June 4th 2009:

Here's Kano in Shibuya wearing a grey linen jacket over a white ZUCCA t-shirt with a beaded necklace print and a wicker hat. Her pants are a flowing floral-print pair from THEATRE PRODUCTIONS and her grey flats are by UNITED BAMBOO.

Tia is in Sydney in a black furry sweater as a scarf over a black fringe CAMILLA dress, a woman is in Paris with a great black & brown ISSEY MIYAKE Pleats Please skirt, and there's a dude in NYC bringing back the hi-top fade wearing red NIKE sneakers with Africa and Batman medallions.

Street Style Recap: Wednesday, June 3rd 2009:

I love everything about this girl -- her MARC BY MARC JACOBS wardrobe -- the jacket, the leather shorts (or whatever they are) -- love the hair, the gold chain, but I especially loved her name, which of course I can't remember exactly what it was since I lost the scrap of paper I scrawled her info on, but it was like Lady Poon, or something equally outrageous/awesome.

In Paris, I have a photo of TV presenter Alexandra Golovanoff in the red GUCCI suit with gold buttons that was used in the campaigns, and another girl a little less glam but no less chic in her mostly VINTAGE outfit accented with an HERMES scarf. In Tokyo, we can see what happens to lowwww drop-crotch pants when its really windy outside. The black/yellow polka dot pants are from NE-NET, as is the t-shirt, and the shoes are from CONVERSE. Next is Becky in a VINTAGE floral print jumpsuit and a model in Sydney wearing a blue sweaterdress.

Street Style Recap: Monday, June 1st 2009:

After reading all the hubbub over Susie Bubble and Pam Hogg on her blog, and the mentions on Refinery29 and Racked, I thought I would dig into the photos from Fashion Month for some un-posted shots of our beloved Susie -- a real style inspiration. Here she is in a cropped TOGA leather jacket with a sheer dress over a giant sequin FOREVER 21 dress, with blue leggings, a brown furry hat, and shoes that I thought were ACNE but a commenter said they are customized H&M shoes?

In London near Brick Lane is a girl in a cute blue CACHAREL coat with black LEE jeans and shoes from BIBA, in NYC's SoHo is a woman in a black/white DKNY cardigan and BALENCIAGA bag, and a gal in a red shirt, metallic silver boat shoes, and carrying the JEREMY SCOTT cherub bag. Ricky is in Melbourne in a VINTAGE grey suit with MJOLK shoes, and Yang Hee Min is in Seoul in a black VANDALIST jumpsuit.


Street Style Recap: Friday, May 29th 2009:

Here's another of my favorite photos from Australia Fashion Week. It's Holly Garber, who does PR for quite a few Aussie labels like Marnie Skillings, CHRONICLES OF NEVER, and Sydney designer-of-the-moment, DION LEE. She's actually wearing a jacket and turned jeans from Dion Lee, as well as a grey BASSIKE t-shirt and the mesh heels from STELLA MCCARTNEY.

Miho in Tokyo is in a VINTAGE Van Halen t-shirt, green sunglasses, and black/red shoes, TeenVogue's Gloria Baume is in a blue plaid shirt with a nifty gray 3.1 PHILLIP LIM strip'y skirt, and a dude in Paris in the nude MARTIN MARGIELA bodysuit that I also have a photo of Carine Roitfeld in...

Street Style Recap: Wednesday, May 27th 2009:

I really like this guy -- Parn, from Melbourne -- in a cardigan & t-shirt combo from THE LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION and CLAUDE MAUS, with extra long slouchy sleeves. The JEROME DREYFUSS bag looks pretty nice too, and I still love the drop-crotch pant thing, and I like the patent leather ATO high-tops from Japan.

Next is Yuki in Shibuya, Tokyo, very grey with a grey GGD shirt, grey hat, and grey pants with that elastic thing on the bottom -- not sure what thats called. Yuri Seok is a fashion student in Seoul wearing a VINTAGE jacket and lace dress, black lace VIVIENNE WESTWOOD tights, red and white striped Where's Waldo'ish socks with bright yellow DR MARTENS boots. Next, are two kids in NYC -- on in a black jacket with grey lining and a Gold's Gym t-shirt, and a guy in a JEREMY SCOTT musical note print top with SPERRY topsiders. Finally, there's L'Uomo Vogue's Giovanna Battaglia in a slightly more relaxed look.

Street Style Recap: Tuesday, May 26th 2009:

Paul Bui from Oyster Magazine was my favorite guy to photograph at Australian Fashion Week this season. Here's one outfit -- a black WORLD double-jacket thing, over a black AMERICAN APPAREL t-shirt, with black JUNYA WATANABE baggy drop-crotch pants, and black boots either from MARNI or ARMANI, but I think he said Marni...

Another photo of TeenVogue's Jane Keltner in Paris with a black DRIES VAN NOTEN coat over a purple THAKOON dress with knee-high black boots. In NYC, I have Aisha in a cute blue jacket with black and white striped pants, and a girl in Soho looking very 90s with the denim jacket, flannel, hat, and accessories. Soo Min Park in Seoul is in a red plaid jacket with black APRIL77 jeans and black NUMBER (N)INE boots.

Street Style Recap: Monday, May 25th 2009:

This one is from the insane TOPSHOP opening in NYC a few months ago. I'm pretty sure the fella works for Topshop since he's in all TOPMAN and is wearing an all-access badge. Or maybe he was one of the 20 in-store DJs that weekend, I dunno. I actually just bought that jacket in white at the Singapore branch...

Not wearing any Topman is Hiroki Hayashi in Tokyo, who is in a grey JULIUS vest with shirt and backpack from GGD, brown/orange hippie'ish shorts, and brown DR MARTENS with yellow/brown woven things on the side. Vika is in Paris wearing her own designs, I think, and Tim is in Melbourne wearing also stuff from his label, FROM BRITTEN, with black CHEAP MONDAY jeans. Yang Seung Ho is in Seoul with a KRIS VAN ASSCHE jacket with a hoodie from APC, a snake-print MARJAN PEJOSKI tank top with CONVERSE shoes.

Street Style Recap: Friday, May 22nd 2009:

Model, Myf Shepherd, who supposedly was rejected from Australia's Next Top Model for not having what it takes, is shot here making her return to Sydney after a whirlwind year walking for almost every major European designer and shooting a number of editorials. She's wearing a VINTAGE coat with a ROMANCE WAS BORN dress, purple heels, and carrying a BALENCIAGA bag.

In Paris, we have photos of Elle Magazine's Kate Lanphear, and also I think an editor from Harper's Bazaar Australia wearing the white and black JOSH GOOT boots, and also a woman wearing a coat from KAVIAR GAUCHE with WHYRED shoes. Yoo Seong Kim is in Seoul with a CODES COMBINE jacket and khaki pants, red SPRING COURT shoes, and ZARA shirt.