Street Style Recap: Monday, June 22nd 2009:

Here's presumably an off-duty model reading a book outside the Acadamie de Chirurgie in Paris in a neon pink nurse's outfit with neon blue tights, with peep-toe sneaker platforms. Not sure how I feel about those, but I like it all overall I think...

In Tokyo, I got Kento wearing a black H&M shirt with wide-legged black UNIQLO pants, black MUJI shoes, and bracelets from BLESS. Shara in Williamsburg Brooklyn is in a sheer'ish red/black DOLCE & GABBANA top, gold eagle BOOMTISCA necklace and shorts from IN GOD WE TRUST. Anna got a girl in Stockholm wearing a stripey WEEKDAY shirt with black ACNE pants and CONVERSE shoes, and Oh Seong Gwon is perched on a motorcycle wearing torn black jeans with a LOUIS VUITTON lock necklace and black DISCOVERED boots.


Street Style Recap: Friday, June 19th 2009:

This is one of my favorite photos I've taken since starting Street Peeper. Here's Fay on Spring Street. It's actually from quite awhile ago, but I totally forgot to post it, I think. Anyhow, I think her coat is from LILITH and the rest is VINTAGE, but I love it all!

Another forgotten one is from Paris -- a woman on a windy day with a black scarf, a red CHANEL bag, gold tipped heels, and pretty cool tights. Stylist Tiana Wallace is in Sydney with a black YSL jacket over a striped KIRRILY JOHNSTON shirt, nifty LAURENCE PASQUIER shorts with black ALAIA booties, tortoise shell KAREN WALKER sunglasses, and a really cool white knit SCANLAN & THEODORE bag. Johan is in London in a BALENCIAGA jacket and boots and black CHEAP MONDAY jeans. Jeong Gi Kim is in Seoul with a black/grey RICK OWENS shirt that looks like it has a sort of, uh, glory-hole'ish detail, black JULIUS jeans, and amazing DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN boots. I wish someone would pick up DBSS in NYC...


Street Style Recap: Thursday, June 18th 2009:

I caught Diana slurping on some cherry red icee at McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her vaguely circus'y dress totally caught my eye -- and how couldn't it, really? She said she got it at Bird, but didn't remember who the designer was. But she's got on black REPETTO flats and carrying a bag from ABACO.

Got Johan in London wearing a BALENCIAGA jacket and boots with a black scarf and black CHEAP MONDAY jeans and a shirt from MARC BY MARC JACOBS. Yoatru in Tokyo has a sorta cropped UNIQLO jacket with rolled-up BEAMS pants and white HARE sneakers. Dong Gyung Min has a hole'y grey t-shirt with black NUDIE jeans and black VIVIENNE WESTWOOD boots with brown straps, and Georgette is wearing studded and fringe'd stuff from GUANABANA and shoes from WITTNER.


Street Style Recap: Wednesday, June 17th 2009:

I caught Phoebe sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Melbourne. I liked her coat and the top with a, I'm not eactly sure what kind of print it is actually. Lipstick cases maybe? Both were VINTAGE, and she's got on high-waisted LEE jeans (not leggings as some of the commenters were complaining about), a black CHANEL bag, and shoes from WITTNER. Jonathan is on Mercer Street with a black drape'y t-shirt from Japanese label, JULIUS with boots from DIOR HOMME. Got a photo of Yuki on Bedford Avenue wearing a SASS & BIDE top with vintage harem pants and ALFRED BANNISTER shoes, Gwen in Jakarta in a ZARA polka dot cardigan, and the designer of ETHOSENS wearing his own stuff in Tokyo.

TONITE: Modular Records + Street Peeper Party in NYC:

Hey, I'm hosting a night at B.East in NYC for the Modular Records weekly party -- you know them as the home of Cut Copy, The Presets, Wolfmother, Ladyhawke, The Avalanches, New Young Pony Club, etc, etc. Anyhow, if you're in NYC come by. I'm DJ'ing from 11-12:30, so say hi...

Modular Presents
Hosted by Street Peeper

171 E. Broadway (at Rutgers)

New York City

Street Style Recap: Monday, June 15th 2009:

I saw this guy wearing the floral print ANN DEMEULEMEESTER I would have bought if it weren't so crazy expensive... He's got it over a pink H&M t-shirt, with black DIOR HOMME jeans and boots, with a black hat also from H&M and a blue sweater as a scarf.

Jo in London has a red VINTAGE jacket with black arm stripes, over a polka dot cardigan, red headwrap, t-shirt from ALLSAINTS, grey jeans, REEBOK high-tops, and a studded GILES DEACON for MULBERRY bag. Jessica is in McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn wearing a funny pair of H&M jeans with a blue scarf and the big ALEXANDER WANG bag, and I got a photo of a dude in the Lower East Side wearing a shitload of Italian and French luxury labels -- GUCCI, FENDI, DIOR, CHANEL, and PRADA, and then Ga Eun Cho in Seoul wearing stuff that her mom made.

Street Style Recap: Friday, June 12th 2009:

This is Ruby Rose, a model turned lesbian MTV Australia host, turned model again, or something like that. She's a bit of a controversial character down under, but whatever. Here she is at Australia Fashion Week wearing Australian designers DION LEE (the jacket), and MANNING CARTELL (the dress), with black YSL boots, MARC BY MARC JACOBS sunglasses, and a black BALENCIAGA bag.

Keita is in Tokyo in a white OHTA shirt, baggy rolled up pants, and shoes from DIGITAL DIVAS -- I love the names that Japanese designers come up with... Jordan is in Williamsburg Brooklyn in a slogan t-shirt that says "Baby Girl", paired with exposed boxers from BOY LONDON, some torn up jeans, and white NIKE sneakers. Mulanga is also in Williamsburg Brooklyn at the Renegade Craft Fair wearing a white jacket and green romper from BCBG with grey MIU MIU sandals, Ocean Young is in Seoul with a double-breasted CHANEL jacket, blue ELOQ pants, and black shoes from CODES COMBINE, and there's a dude in Paris in black and yellow acid splashed APRIL77 jeans and a black shirt/cape thing.

Street Style Recap: Thursday, June 11th 2009:

This one is from Paris Fashion Week outside the GIVENCHY show. He's wearing all RAD HOURANI -- the up-and-coming designer from Canada (he shows in NYC). Especially love the black jacket with extra-long slouchy sleeves detailed with discoball things.

Also got a photo of DJ Elmaaa in Tokyo wearing a slogan t-shirt and black rolled-up pants from Japanese label MACK DADDY with a LEVI'S denim jacket, black KANGOL hat, and neon paint splattered KTZ slip-on shoes. John in Williamsburg Brooklyn -- took his photo because we were wearing pretty much the same outfit, a Japanese girl in London wearing matching animal-print pants and headband with a brown cardigan and furry brown scarf, a dude in front of NYC East Village landmark Mars Bar in a leopard print leather jacket, and also a woman in Sydney in a pair of those SASS & BIDE boyfriend jeans with a black VANESSA BRUNO top and a YSL bag.

Street Style Recap: Wednesday, June 10th 2009:

I met Andy at Left on Gertrude Street. He had just finished a shoot with The Sartorialist for an Australian high-street shop, and I loved his grafitti print striped VERSACE jeans.

My pal Grey shot Florian on Brick Lane wearing a great AQUASCUTUM coat, with a black H&M tie and NEW YORKER jeans. Noriko in Tokyo is wearing a blue ETHOSENS jumpsuit and and grey/pink striped bag, and Yiseob Park in a CHRISTIAN DIOR trench coat with a shirt, jeans, and pink belt from UNIQLO.

Street Style Recap: Tuesday, June 9th 2009:

Jean-Paul Paula from Mykro Mag in his signature MARTIN MARGIELA sunglasses -- which I borrowed for a minute to see how I looked in them. Not good... JP, however, always looks fabulous, here with a black jacket over a striped t-shirt, grey checked hammer pants, and black heels, and a black belt that matches the sunglasses.

In Sydney, we have television presenter Renee Bargh in a tie-dyed'ish print ILLIONAIRE dress and black PARKER ROCHE heels, Yoshi in NYC wearing mostly his own designs with a pair of black GUIDI boots, Dorian in San Francisco in a vintage PIERRE CARDIN suit with a hat from OPTIMO, and Takuma in Tokyo with a black cape thing and tie-dyed CONVERSE shoes.