Street Style Recap: Friday, July 31st 2009:

I never actually thought I'd see someone wearing anything from that GARETH PUGH collection, outside a fashion week sort of atmosphere. OK, well so Elizabeth works at Seven New York -- the boutique that stocks Gareth, but still... Love the COMPLEX GEOMETRIES hoodie that she pairs it with.

Also love Ayumi in Tokyo's outfit -- the flowerpot hat, the furtail accessory to her tote bag, oversized shirt, and adore the TSUMORI CHISATO socks. Next are a pair on Houston Street in NYC, then Peter in Paris looking especially Superfuture with a bunch of ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, DAMIR DOMA, and the high-top sneakers from RICK OWENS. Nicola is in Seoul with a VINTAGE jacket over an AMERICAN APPAREL t-shirt with COMMON PROJECTS shoes.

Street Style Recap: Wednesday, July 29th 2009:

Here's photographer Keetja Allard in a black MARTIN MARGIELA cape with a black VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO tank top, black COMME DES GARCONS pants with black sandals, a black HERMES keychain as a necklace, and a yes, black LANVIN pair of sunglasses.

Next is Style Salvage Steve in a blue B-Store top with rolled-up APC pants and grey shoes, Maya in NYC with a J. CREW shirt, MIU MIU belt, great sandals from LANVIN, and a GOYARD bag, Jinho in Seoul with a black GUCCI scarf with hat, t-shirt, an HERMES bag, another pair of LANVIN sandals (lots of Lanvin accessories today...) and black baggy pants from W DRESS ROOM, and also a lady in Paris with an ALEXANDER MQUEEN cardigan.

Street Style Recap: Monday, July 27th 2009:

I really want to go vintage shopping this weekend, to pick up scarves to make one of these things that I saw on a guy in Tokyo. Or I guess I could go to Chinatown and get a bunch of fake CHANEL and HERMES scarves. Either way, I love this dude.

Next is Polina, a model in NYC wearing a belted black THEORY jumpsuit with a bag from TOSCA BLU and sandals from GIVENCHY. Jina Park in Seoul in a VINTAGE denim jacket with a pink fur collar with a STEFANEL floral print dress, a guy in Paris wearing some KRIS VAN ASSCHE and the LOUIS VUITTON x STEPHEN SPROUSE t-shirt, two guys in Chicago with skinny jeans, and Misha in Sydney looking vaguely bordello goth.

Street Style Recap: Friday, July 24th 2009:

Here's Harpers Bazaar UK's Vanessa Coyle in a really amazing vintage THIERRY MUGLER dress/coat thing with black YSL boots. She's always one of my favorite people to photograph during fashion week.

Next in London is a dude in a pink/purple plaid shirt from WRANGLER with indigo UNIQLO jeans and NIKE sneakers, Nataliya in Chelsea NYC with a self-made pink shirt dress with the bag and sunglasses from BOTTEGA VENETA, Lee Sun Ju in Seoul with a puffy FIFTH AVENUE SHOE REPAIR vest jacket, and a girl in Chicago with an ESKELL top and RACHEL COMEY boots.

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Street Style Recap: Wednesday, July 22nd 2009:

Here's another pretty young thing in Sydney wearing wunderkind Aussie designer, DION LEE. She's also got on a black sleeveless 3.1 PHILLIP LIM jacket with a grey knit ALEXANDER WANG hat, grey ASH shoes, and a grey bag.

Ji Hyun Go is in Seoul with a VINTAGE floral kimono with a super trendy gold rope belt and the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD x MELISSA shoes. Casey in NYC with the MARC JACOBS neon collar stripe sweater over a RICK OWENS t-shirt, rolled up MARC JACOBS pants, SPERRY topsiders, and an HERMES Birkin bag, Keita in Tokyo in a cute multicolor SIFURY seersucker shirt that I would totally wear, with TOMS shoes, Eddie in NYC with a ROGAN t-shirt and SCHMOOVE shoes, and a girl in Chicago with a RALPH LAUREN jacket and an ESKELL skirt.

Street Style Recap: Tuesday, July 21st 2009:

Aneesah Shahied on New York's Spring Street, in a cute green sleeveless VINTAGE dress with a green scarf'y thing attached to it -- at least I think its attached? The black patent leather bag is from KENNETH COLE and shoes by ZARA.

Next is Bart around the corner on Mercer Street in a vintage Iron Maiden t-shirt with jeans and boots, a pink-haired girl in Melbourne in DR MARTENS boots and a denim jacket, Seoul's Chang Hoon Han in a metallic silver YAPONSKII hoodie with black LEE jeans, and CHANEL sunglasses, a dude in London in a bit short red plaid shirt, and a photo from last Paris Fashion Week of a guy in the red/blue square PRADA pants with a navy blue RALPH LAUREN jacket.

Street Style Recap: Monday, July 20th 2009:

Here's a photo of Australian fashion designer KIRRILY JOHNSTON in Sydney wearing a color block cardigan of her own design with a fringe bag from a market, black pants, and beige mummy-wrap shoes.

Next is Jonny Makeup in a Claude Monet print jacket over a JEREMY SCOTT top with Thai kickboxing pants and black LANVIN shoes, then Helena Kubica in a KENZO MINAMI t-shirt with cut-off denim shorts, Taiki in Tokyo with a metallic silver polka dot TSUMORI CHISATO shirt with a black bowtie, grey shorts, and shoes from BEAMS, and Yuji in Seoul with a yellow/black VINTAGE jacket with a bunch of stuff from AMERICAN APPAREL.

Street Style Recap: Thursday, June 16th 2009:

Here's Jia Jia Fei on NYC's Delancey Street -- I think she said she was visiting from Philly, or something. I loved her H&M skirt and top/scarf, but really liked the haircut!

Next is V Magazine's Stephen Gan in a jacket over HARLEY DAVIDSON t-shirt and high top sneakers from CESARE PACIOTTI, Takahashi in Tokyo in a comfy looking outfit from JOURNAL STANDARD, Jisun in Seoul in what looks like it could be COMME DES GARCONS but is actually VINTAGE, and Folami Greene in NYC wearing a black t-shirt dress with a VINTAGE lion necklace bought at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, with a PIERRE HARDY bag and boots from PHI.

Street Style Recap: Wednesday, July 15th 2009:

Here's an older photo of Susie that I took while crashing at her (and Steve's) inflatable bed, but hey at least it still looks summer'y! Anyway, she has on a VINTAGE black fringe jacket over a colorful flappy JOSH GOOT dress with a black MICHELLE JANK necklace and one LOUISE GOLDIN x PIERRE HARDY shoe from her fashion week ankle injury...

Also have Kristina in Paris in mostly VINTAGE stuff like a green jacket over a denim jacket over a yellow romper, Kendall Green in a LANGUAGE top and BEBE shorts with a cute headpiece thing, Jay Hyuk in Seoul in a TAILORABLE suit with an AMERICAN APPAREL t-shirt and CONVERSE shoes, and a girl in Stockholm with a MAX MARA dress.